About Emma

I'm Emma, I graduated 'recently' (Fine Art if you're asking) as part of the course we had to make a website/online portfolio to showcase our work.  About a year before that I started a blog over on tumblr, but had been told by lecturers that it needed to be Professional!

This unit caused both Kayla and I many painful hours in the studios working out how the hell websites worked so needless to say if you followed me here from tumblr I'm sure you are well aware of the personality crisis I was having...

Basically I wanted to just blog about the work I was making but I always felt pushed, forced, coerced, encouraged, to make it a more professional portfolio of my work.  So it all ended in a very confused blog over on Wordpress. (Though I've managed to save some of my blog posts from university and I'm working on making a university label or page for all those old posts, or maybe we will both upload our uni work over time.)
obligatory selfie

If you want to find me on online here's a few links:

My Tumblr Blog