Sunday, 7 February 2016

Send a Card to a Friend Day

If you already follow myself or Kayla on Instagram you'll know from January that we've started using 'National Day's of..." to inspire us.  

So if you don't already follow us, here's links to Kayla's Instagram, and Mine.

But anyway, today is National Send a Card to a Friend Day (I get all the dates from if you’re interested in using them as drawing prompts too.)  

I decided with it being February to make a valentines card… Nawwww.   

Pink. Check
Hearts. Check
Cheese Factor. Check

Overall, a very successful card in my opinion.

As for materials, I used my favourite coloured paper for all craft projects.  I buy it from Hobbycraft but I’m sure I’ve seen the Dovecraft brand on various craft material websites so it’s an easy find.

The patterned paper is a hard one to tell you where to buy as I got them as a pack, again from Hobbycraft, but last year.  So I’m not sure if they still sell this exact pack, but I know they nearly always have a wide range of these packs for various holidays so finding a Valentine themed one should't be too hard.

For my heart shaped cut-outs I used a heart punch (again Hobbycraft) but I also use the Xcut brand punches which I find online.  I find the Xcut brand to be easier to hold/punch with for some shapes, but the hobbycraft ones are often on special offer, making them cheaper.

Will you be sending any cards to a friend soon? Or making any handmade crafts for your valentine this year? Let me know in the comments as I love finding crafty inspiration!

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