Sunday, 21 February 2016

Filofax Monthly Makeover - March

Slightly less ‘arty’ post today; I want to talk about Filofaxes!

I’ve been using a Filofax for a couple of years now.  In that time I’ve swapped out tonnes of inserts and tried (and failed) to use various layouts in a desperate attempt to stay organised, but more importantly to make filling out and actually using my Filofax less of a chore.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes out on a stationary shopping spree to decorate my organiser only to find a week later that sure, it looks great, but I haven’t actually used it to plan anything.  I love looking at how other people use their organisers so I’m giving a small insight into my Filofax and how I decorate and use it.

To combat the urge to spend all my time decorating my Filofax instead of planning in it.  I try to do the majority of my decorating a month ahead.  This means I can play around with stickers and colours and post-its to my hearts content, without going overboard.  
By doing this I find that by the time the first week of March rolls around there’s enough space for me to still plan and write to-do lists but it’s not a boring white page either.  Which also means I can still add more decorations as I go along. (I'm a sucker for stickers.)

PS. I have the original Filofax, personal size in Teal.
My weekly inserts and rainbow pages came from Kiddy Qualia on Etsy. 
The stickers you can see came from Cricket Paper Co.  also on Etsy.
As for pens, I mainly use pencil and the fineliner uni pin. (in the photo above) If I’m adding colour I’ll use the staedtler fineliners. 

I have a subscription to a craft magazine, Quick Cards.  In each issue theres a double spread of patterned papers that you could use for any craft project, I tend to use mine to decorate the month ahead.  This means my colour scheme is decided for me and gives each month it’s own ‘theme’ (February was very Valentine themed due to this, and March is looking very floral and spring-like.)

Hope you liked having an small insight into how I decorate my planner.  I'm hoping to make this into a series and next month I'll try and include some more step-by-step photos as well as delving further into the mess I call organisation.

Do you use a Filofax organiser, or have you swapped over the the Bullet Journal system?  Let me know in the comments below.

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