Sunday, 28 February 2016

Art Haul - Cass Arts

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I spent my Wednesday gawking at paintings in Tate Britain with Kayla and a day in London isn't complete until some serious retail therapy has occurred.

If you are an art lover, regardless of what materials you use I seriously recommend visiting a Cass Arts store soon!  There are so many arts and crafts goodies all under one roof that a spending spree was imminent.  This time however I managed to keep my cool and stop the urge to buy everything in sight, choosing instead to invest in some new watercolours and test out something new...

Something New;

These stunning Windsor and Newton Pigment Markers that I have seen all over Instagram recently.
I've done a very small amount of doodling with these in my sketchbook and I'm sorry to say they don't work all that well on leuchtturm paper, (I'll get some photo's once I've found a way to make them work for me.) Alas, I'll just have to pick up some of the marker paper next time I'm there.

Watercolour Love;

My other purchase was some new watercolours.  (Read that as clean watercolours)  I am not always a fan of mixing watercolours on a palette, being more of a 'messy dunk the brush in all the paint wells and worry less kinda gal'.

I picked up this unbelievably cute stack of watercolours which my receipt describes as 'Kohl Noor watercolour pan set'.

The colours are vibrant and mix really well, theres a whole bunch of colours in the set that I haven't tried yet, but I really like the 'colour wheels' to play with.  (Yes I've mixed them up and at least 5 no longer look that clean...sorry) For £5.50 I think this is probably the best set of watercolours I've used for that price.

The Tote;

If you are a lover maybe hoarder? of bags-for-life then you need a Cass Arts Tote in your life.  I always take my current tote and exchange it for a new one, usually a brighter colour.  But this time I felt drawn to the phthalo turquoise.  

So there you have it, a relatively small haul this time round.  Which no doubt means next time I'll have a huge wish list. 

Have you been on an art materials splurge recently? What brands can't you resist, and what's on your art wish-list, I already have dip-pens and marker paper on mine.

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