Monday, 11 January 2016

Sketchbook Revival - A Fresh Start

2016 is looking like a productive year.  Reflecting on last year however I feel like so many of the goals I set myself were, well, unrealistic. 

This year I gave myself two key words, RECONNECT and FOCUS

I want to reconnect with my sketchbook, I tried too many times last year to force myself to use it daily (think drawlloween and sketchmas) and neither worked because I was making drawing into a chore, into 'oh my god I haven't drawn this weeks prompts' and the guilt that came with that made me want to draw even less.  
Saying that, if all goes to plan then by the time October and December roll around I may take part in drawing challenges again especially sketchmas as I had a lot of fun with Kayla creating the prompts and building excitement for our challenge and so many people joined in, that sense of community was fantasic. 

I also want to reconnect with this blog, this ties into my word focus too as I feel like consistency is key here, I want this blog to grow and I want art/creativity to come back into my daily (maybe weekly) schedule.  After leaving university I feel like all I want is to have a space to be creative and share and explore ideas but I spend so much time forcing that action and then drift away from my goals when other things come up.  This year I would like to be consistent and focus on how I spend my time (hopefully changing wasted time into be productive)

For the new year I wanted a fresh start and I felt like a new sketchbook would symbolise that nicely.

I've got a bit of a 90's vibe going on with the colour scheme.

Part of this fresh start is making these pages something I am proud of, and so far it's looking like it will take a turn towards journaling.  Guess what movie I've seen recently...

Alongside this in the theme of focus, I've given my Filofax a makeover I think this will encourage me to use it more, and probably be a lot more organised.  (Plus one real 'goal' for the year of I NEED to learn to drive)

Have you got any goals for your sketchbook this year? 
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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Emma's Lost Ocean Adventure - The Beginning

Before I get carried away in this blog post I want to introduce the latest addition to my colouring book collection.  It's the Lost Ocean book by Johanna Basford and it is as beautiful as you think it is!

To stop myself from skipping through all the pages to hunt down the jellyfish and colour those, I've decided to follow the theme of the book being an adventure.  And working through it one page at a time.  To start I decided to colour all the 'bonus' pages at the beginning, mostly to test out the new pencils I brought with the book.

The Faber-Castellated pencils deserve mentioning in this post as they are fantastic.  I have more of a love-hate relationship with colouring pencils.  I love how they look and the effects you can create, I just hate pencils that aren't as pigmented as I hoped, or that feel scratchy on paper.  But this brilliant set lived up to my expectations.  The colours are vivid and they have a great quality feel about them, I highly recommend this set to anyone and everyone.

As you can see from these first few pages those pencils are so easy to work with and blend.  I recently tried out some watercolour pencils thinking that they would blend more easily and I was oh, so wrong.  The other reason I wanted so badly to find a set of pencils I would love is due to this book have double-sided pages, so any inks/markers would bleed through and ruin the next design.  If you are an avid marker pen user then I'd recommend hunting down a copy of the 'artist edition' I think they're called.  Which is the same book just single sided (genius)

After colouring that border (picture above), I then didn't have the guts to attempt writing my name neatly.  Maybe I'll revisit it sometime.... Maybe.

One feature I wasn't expecting was a hidden object search.  I love that this is included and it reminds me of some Where's Wally books I used to own when I was younger.  Eagle-eyed followers, the search is on! 

Has anyone else got this book yet? How are you finding the tiny details? Personally I love the tiny drawn worlds and all the little shells to colour, but they do get fiddly.  
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