Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Sketchmas 2015 - Days 1 - 8

So as you would have already seen from Emma's posts Sketchmas2015 has arrived. I am absolutely loving it so far, anyway enough talking - take a look at my prompts...

Day 1 - Wish List

Day 2 - Holly

Day 3 - Wreath

Day 4 - Robin

Day 5 - Candy Cane

Day 6 - Christmas Tree

Day 7 - Snowman

Day 8 - Snowflake

So there you have it, my first 8 prompts for Sketchmas2015. If anyone else is taking part please comment with your pages so we can take a look!
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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sketchmas - Emma's Week One Round Up

The first week of Sketchmas went pretty smoothly for me.  (I am posting these drawings daily to my tumblr and instagram accounts if you wanted to follow me there.) So at the end of each week I'll be sharing my drawings here on InkSplatterDraw.

So on with the drawings:

Day 1. Christmas Wish List.
I would have more on my list if only I had written smaller!

Day 2. Holly. 

Day 3. Wreath.
I was having so much fun with my promarkers on this one and want to use them for another drawing soon! 

Day 4. Robin.
The only downside of the promarkers the day before is the bleeding through onto this page... at least it was red for this robins little chest.

Day 5. Candy Cane.
This drawing had me dying to go out and buy some candy canes, and gave me an idea for later in the month! 

 Day 6. Christmas Tree.
How many of you have already put up your Christmas Trees?
We leave it till after my birthday here, which is apparently late for Christmas decorations.

Have you joined our #sketchmas challenge yet? Please do and tag your posts for us to see!
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