Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Inktober - Drawlloween - Days 9 to 12 - Summary

Here is the latest four days of my drawlloween challenge.

As I am currently in full blown cold and sore throat territory and will therefore not be going out much, it gives me even more opportunity to keep up with these little beauty's. I can actually say that these four are definitely my favourite in terms of the fact I have tried using some different methods.

Day 9 - Eyeball
Everyone who knows me will know I HATE eyeballs and anything with them being removed - it cringes me out big time! with that in mind I thought I should give it a go and even added veins to try and make it a little bit more gruesome.

Day 10 - Alien
I won't lie, the first alien I drew out went horribly wrong! And I mean really horribly wrong - I'm sure you will all notice the parts behind the purple blob that were part of the original - I tried my hardest to work them into the new one as I don't want to start ripping pages out as I am trying to challenge myself.

Day 11 - Raven

So the inkiness didn't really go how I wanted 100% - but then that is the fun part of doing splatters, I did add in the beak and the feet-like parts to try and show that this was my raven taken off. I am so happy I took this photo when this was wet as it has dried very flat.

Day 12 - Moon
This is by far my favourite - taking me back to my uni days - absolutely love this one. (even added another black page into my sketchbook for this one) 

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