Friday, 9 October 2015

Inktober - Drawlloween - Days 5 to 8 - Summary

So here is the latest instalment of my drawlloween challenge. It is certainly more challenging than I thought, specially as me being me is trying to add a cute side to each of these drawings as scary is not something I would go to draw (as I am a whimp with these things). 

So here is my take - 

Day 5 - Werewolf 
(ok so not so much of the were but just the wolf haha - hence why I did two to make up for it)

Day 6 - Pumpkin
Absolutely loved this one - so much so that I added some swirls to it! Even tried to make the faces look a little bit evil.

Day 7 - Haunted House
So I am very disappointed with how this one turned out - I wish I had thought about it before I started more and made it more complex. There could have been so many more possibilities.

Day 8 - Zombie
Didn't even know where to start with this one - so naturally I went for a pink haired girl zombie - because - why the hell not?! (also cracked out my new pack of sharpies for this one - fell in love with them immediately - got a feeling they will be making quite a few appearances.)

I wonder what the next 4 days will bring...

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