Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Inktober - Drawlloween - Days 17 to 20 - Summary

Getting quite lost in some of these prompts, also getting very excited for mine and Emma's next trip to London next week! Literally can not wait!

Day 17 - Demon 
For this one I chose to do the grim reaper as I didn't see it anywhere else on the list of prompts, I have also tried to incorporate the way in which I photograph them into the picture too.

Day 18 - Mask
Really wanted to add a lot more to this one, but at the same time kept it plain in the end to make it look a lot more creepy.

Day 19 - Creature from the black lagoon
If I am completely honest, I had not even heard of the creature from the black lagoon before and had no clue where to start.
So after a lot of googling - from what I can make out it is a really old movie - One I do not intend on watching haha!

Day 20 - Skull
Really can't stand skulls, I was going to make this a lot more like a tattoo but skulls irritate me so I have left it as a sketch.

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