Monday, 5 October 2015

Inktober - Drawlloween - Days 1 to 4 - Summary

So Emma has brought Inktober to my attention, and obviously I am not going to refuse this opportunity. I have decided I will be posting summaries here every 4 entries so here is day 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Drawlloween. I am not very good at drawing scary things, so chances are that most of my entries will be more cute than scary.

Day 1 - Ghost.
Collaged ghost made from hole punch holes, even created a black page in my sketchbook for this one. 

Day 2 - Devil.
Simple line drawing of a Tasmanian devil - I know it's not exactly what is expected, but oh well he's a little cutie!

Day 3 - Goblin.
Again went with a line drawing for this one, now Goblins are the last thing I thought I would ever need to draw in my life, but again I think this one turned out ok - and in a weird way kinda cute too.

Day 4 - Vampire.
This one is my favourite so far - little count Tedracular with his tiny fangs!

So here is the first 4 days of Inktober's Drawlloween from me.

Image Map

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