Monday, 12 October 2015

Drawlloween Round-Up Part One.

As I'm sure you've seen myself and Kayla have decided to take part in #drawlloween this October. I've seen a couple of different versions of it around on twitter and tumblr but these are the prompts we are following.

Both of us are posting our entries daily (or close enough too) on our personal blogs on tumblr.  But we both wanted Drawlloween to come to this blog too and I'll be making a drawing challenge / drawlloween tag on here so that you can filter our posts.  

If you want to follow us each day with the challenge then here's some links to our tumblr blogs:
(I warn you now that I have fallen behind and I am ashamed...)

I intended to write my 'round-ups' weekly, and keep on top of everything but I have just come back from a lovely weekend break and needless to say I forgot about this post completely. So I'll include all my drawings so far for this post. 

Anyway on with the drawings....

Emma's Drawlloween Day's 1 - 8:

Day 1 - Ghost.
A very quick sketch of a surprisingly charming ghost.

Day 2 - Devil.
I chose a ram's skull for this prompt, I intended to fuse the rams skull with a human one, but got carried away.

Day 3 - Goblin.
When I googled 'goblin' for inspiration I came across goblin sharks, hence the very large nose. 

Day 4 - Vampire.
A very quick pencil sketch for my vampire.

Day 5 - Werewolf.
I did so many drawings for this prompt and was unhappy with pretty much all of them.
If you go to my tumblr there is at least one other version for day 5.  (Depending on whether I've finished one of them or not)

Day 6 - Pumpkin.
Again, much like the werewolf prompt I made various attempts with varying degrees of success for pumpkins.  I just like the smile / grin on this one. Shame I never inked it though.

Days 7 & 8 - Haunted House and Zombie.
I really wanted to merge these two prompts together.  While the drawing didn't go as planned 
(Read: I did this on my holiday and forgot to bring coloured pencils/pens/anything other than a mechanical pencil and some fineliners.) I am pretty happy with my escaping zombie boy.

I'm excited for some of the prompts coming up, but I am also challenging myself to go back and re-visit and touch-up some of the drawings I'm not-so-happy with.  
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