Monday, 21 September 2015

Secret Garden Postcard 5 - Colouring Challenge

Getting back into the swing of things...

I recently started a new job (Go Emma) and I absolutely love it! It did also mean that I disappeared from InkSplatterDraw for a few weeks.  Sorry Kayla!

Anyway between this new job and college I know have some time that I can block out each week and dedicate to artyness (yup that’s a word) and my first plan of action is to get posting more regularly. Famous last words perhaps?

So my goal is one postcard a week! Hold me to that! (seriously)

Anyway enough blabbing… On with the postcard:

This week I finally attempted on of the postcards that if I’m honest, I have been putting off.  The unbelievable fine lines on this card make me hate it.  Okay strong emotions but I knew that whatever pen I chose would seep out of those lines and really bug me.

So no beautiful pro-markers this week as they would have wrecked Mr. Scarecrow.  Instead I used a mix of fine liners I have hanging around and I have to say that colouring this postcard was not the rage-inducing ordeal that I thought it might become.  That’s not to say that it was the most relaxing thing either.

Do you use fine liner pens for this kind of tiny detail work? Are there any brands you could recommend because I’ve flicked through the book and noticed there are a couple of pages that have this level of hellish detail.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Colouring Challenge - Secret Garden Postcard - 6

So here is postcard number 6! Again I have only used my Faber Castell connector pens for this one as I am totally in love with them!

I wanted to see how these pens would cope with the more detailed and smaller sections that some of these postcards have to offer. And as Emma will tell you just how much going out of the lines will have bugged me. They did unfortunately wonder out of the lines a couple of times. Partly due to the ends of the pens not being fine enough and partly probably due to my tiredness.

I really tried to incorporate the tonal side to these pens and the way that just layering them once each layer is dry can create a whole new colour *absolutely love* it is like I have got more colours than pens! :D

The final result it definitely well up top in my favourites of the postcards I have done so far. I really feel like these pens and the postcards are helping me to rekindle a love for colour that I lost at uni. :) Who knows where this will lead.

I have also since brought a pack of 28 sharpies - which I hope to break out soon, just not sure they would cope with the detail of the postcards. Emma - we must find a use for them!

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