Thursday, 6 August 2015

Sketchbook Challenge - Desserts (in-progress)

Well the challenge from Kayla to draw desserts has been a tough one!  
Thanks for that Pal!

I did however start something exciting that Kayla will love, and eventually forgive me for.  But it's not finished yet.  However I felt like my sketchbook has not appeared on InkSplatterDraw for a long time.  (Read Emma's been hit with a creative block)

So here's an update into my sketchbook to get me rolling again, this way I can continue with my secret project without Kayla breathing down my neck like she has been with the colouring challenge and I can also get started on whatever Kayla decided to challenge me to draw next, because I am temporarily admitting defeat with this challenge.  It's getting me nowhere by ignoring it and not drawing at all, but this is an on-going challenge that I'll re-post and update on in a few weeks. (Promise!)
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  1. Right, I admit I completely forgot to challenge you - so here it goes, hopefully this is easier for you compared to the last one (don't worry I'm not writing this one on an empty tummy).

    The next challenge is - 2 mystical creatures :D please x