Saturday, 29 August 2015

Secret Garden Postcard 4 - Colouring Challenge

Oh yes Postcard Number 4! I will catch up to Kayla.  
Using these postcards to motivate me into being productive is working pretty well now and I'm on a roll.

This time I decided to go with one of the designs that I have to admit I had been avoiding due to the tiny thin flower stems.  

See how fiddly and tiny they are!  So I am already planning a shopping list for when Kayla and myself make another trip to London and to Cass Arts as the pens she used in her last postcard look fantastic. 

So there we have it, postcard number four, You had better get colouring and quick Kayla!  As I am starting to speed through these postcards now! Speaking of that, does anyone have suggestions for the next colouring book I could use?
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