Thursday, 13 August 2015

Secret Garden Postcard 3 - Colouring Challenge

I finished my third postcard today! Oh yes Kayla, I will catch you up soon.  I chose to use a mix of watercolour pencil (for the background) and Pro-Markers for the flowers.  I have some fine-liner tips to use with the Pro-Markers making them much easier to use on the postcard I chose.

I also went with shades of blue and purple overall as I was looking back over my last two postcards and felt that it was all getting a bit peachy.  That said, I am already thinking of what to do with my next postcard and I am very tempted to go all out with bright pink!

Now because I have been using Pro-Markers I lay a sheet of plain paper under the postcard I'm colouring to protect the next postcard from any colours that bleed through.  However I do this paper insert thing for every sketchbook.  Does anyone else use this 'trick' or just me? 

If you do, then does your spare sheet of paper also get covered in scribbles and marks where either the ink has seeped through the page but also the random marks of either making a pen work again, or seeing how bright that yellow really is?

By the end of this postcard book my sheet of paper will be a miss-matched rainbow of swatches, This is what mine looks like after just 3 postcards.

Image Map

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