Thursday, 30 July 2015

Secret Garden Postcard 2 - Colouring Challenge

Here we are the grand reveal of my second postcard, and I have to say that colouring this one was a lot more relaxing than the first, and now I am officially on a colouring roll... 
Be prepared Kayla!

I chose to mix up my techniques for this postcard.  I was tempted at first to ditch the watercolour pencils all together but instead chose to use them to create a green colour wash background.  The minute I splashed that green on the paper I knew this was already going to be less stressful. 

Normally I love doing tiny detail work and yet when colouring these cards I feel it just frustrates me, so by taking the jump and choosing to 'mess-up' and go outside the lines to begin with it took away that pressure and I felt so much happier.

To have the flowers and leaves really 'pop' on the page I chose to use my ProMarkers and in photographs that green is really bright!  

So with my second postcard done I feel I had a bit of a revelation about why I didn't enjoy the last one I coloured, and now have a much better plan for completing the rest (and catching up to Kayla).

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