Friday, 3 July 2015

Secret Garden Postcard 1 - Colouring Challenge

Finally I finished a postcard for this challenge! I thought these postcards where going to be the most relaxing thing ever, that I would be churning them out leaving Kayla in my colouring dust!

How wrong I was, I'm not sure if it was the postcard I picked, but I found colouring this to be the most stressful thing ever... I may be taking it all to seriously too.

 I chose watercolour pencils for this first postcard with the intention of blending the colours out with water when I had finished but I ended up loving it too much and didn't want to change it.

While these pencils are not as vibrant as I had hoped I feel that the overall pastel effect probably brings it together into a colour scheme, as I did get a little too excited at using these pencils and used pretty much every colour!
Image Map

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