Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sketchbook Challenge - Spring Flowers

Right so before I show you the latest from my sketchbook I just realised I never posted the finished pages of the cats  - 

So when I saw Emma's challenge of 5 spring flowers I thought YES - EASY... how wrong was I.  When I actually thought about how many 'spring' flowers I new I could only think of daffodil and tulip. So I had to hit the research. I ended up with a short list of 12 flowers.

I drew them all out quickly in pen looking at different images on the web to get the basic shapes. I then drew four in more detail before hitting the sketchbook.

I haven't used paints in forever and thought 'why not?' So rather than putting them all in a scene like I wanted to - I ended up playing around with the paints and getting the tone into the paints as well.

There you have it - go on Emma do your worst for the next challenge!

Image Map

1 comment:

  1. Right Kayla, the challenge is on!
    While I come up with some desserts to draw you need an equally tricky challenge... Plus you've seen Jurassic World without me!

    So your next challenge is to draw 3 dinosaurs.
    Good luck.