Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sketchbook Challenge - 5 Rabbits

Remember our sketchbook challenge? Me too, a bit of a distant memory as both Kayla and myself started it and then instantly lost momentum.  However with the start of a new blog feature: Our new Colouring Challenge, I felt a sudden surge of guilt for leaving my sketchbook for so long.  

So cast your mind back to when we started this sketchbook challenge, here's a link to Kayla's post, and mine to refresh yourself. 

Kayla challenged me to draw 5 rabbits in time for Easter.  Obviously I failed in that respect but in the interest of getting past this inspiration block I have drawn 5 very quick rabbits to get us moving again!
Image Map

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  1. Right, so you reminded me to challenge you back to your next one - and you pushed... I am hungry and really fancy creams...

    So here it is Emma - I challenge you to create 6 desserts! Thats right not only draw/ paint them - create them and use your imagination! >:)

    I want to see ones that make me go - nom nom nom! xx