Monday, 22 June 2015

Gallery Elena Shchukina– ‘Alex Gough’

Gallery Elena Shchukina– ‘Alex Gough’ (8th May – 3rd July 2015)

Alex Gough’s paintings fascinated me from the moment I saw the first one all the way through to the last one. The texture within the manipulation of this vast material explodes in front of your eyes. As you start to glance across one of Gough’s works you are constantly finding more and more aspects that suddenly jump out of paint making you question what you are looking at. I enjoyed the mystery in the work and not having a preconception of what Gough was trying to portray, or intending for you to see, this openness to the work was reflected in the work by the spaces between all of the intimate details that pull you into the work.

By Alex Gough

With each of Gough’s work in the exhibition I could not help but escape the idea of nature, this is due to the forms and marks with in the work, which when combined as a whole create an overall organic appearance. This organic appearance almost looks as though it just wants to grow and expand further afield, brining a sense of endless opportunity. I feel as though the work could have been of a larger scale or alternatively would have been interesting to see them not confined in a rectangular shape. This would have allowed for the edges of the marks to determine the shape (I wonder if I only want this because of the way I have interpreted them as being organic and natural).

I understand that abstract works are open to interpretations that can vastly differ between the viewers, and can lead themselves to exciting discussions where they are endlessly questioned and transforming between people. With this in mind it would be interesting to find out what other people see in Gough’s works and also to hear how they would change the work to emphasize this others or to make it more interesting to them.
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