Friday, 26 June 2015

Gallery Elena Shchukina – ‘Alex Gough’ Part 2

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Gallery Elena Shchukina - 'Alex Gough' (8th May - 3rd July 2015)

The quality of the paintings in this show were astounding.  I love liquid and flowing paint and these paintings were fantastic.  The 'inky' formations felt in constant motion, leading your eye around the surface.  For me these scenes transformed into landscapes of murky storm weathered islands to bright cloud-like structures.  

The colours were so rich and vibrant, after reading up on Gough's work after leaving the gallery and discovering that he mixes his own paints to have control over the colour and viscosity over the medium I began to wonder how much influence his colour choices had on my interpretations of the works.

Had they been in neon's or completely contrasting colours, would the experience become lost? I feel that the vibrant colours, ranging into more muted tones work in a harmony with each other, causing you as a viewer to want to explore the canvas.  There seemed to be a relationship between all the works in the gallery due to this deliberate colour palette, making me excited to view the next work and imagine weather they all depict the same subject or are they seperate and devoid of any connection other than colour choice?  
Gough's work felt like a very inclusive experience, that the person next to you could have a completely different interpretation of the marks and shapes swirling across the surface, but that you both has the same experience of appreciating the paint and how Gough has manipulated it into these intense pieces.
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