Monday, 8 June 2015

Erarta Gallery London – ‘Katya Krasnaya – Exposed’

Erarta Gallery London – ‘Katya Krasnaya – Exposed’ (10th April – 23rd May 2015)

‘Exposed’ was a very different and thought-provoking exhibition compared to the other exhibitions out there. There was clearly an emphasis on the message behind the animals in the paintings as opposed to the art. Next to each piece there was a couple of paragraphs with further information on, giving more of an insight to the animals pictured. I found this was a distraction from the art and took your focus off of the colours and the little details within the main body of the creatures. 

By Katya Krasnaya  
The rough and messy street art appearance of the animals was evident in each of the works and it almost made me feel as though the animals just wanted to come alive and escape out of the walls. The drips running down the paintings added to this need for freedom and a sense of the wild. Yet the drips also add a strange spin making you question whether these animals are just melting away (relating back to the underlying message of potential extinction).

I really feel that the paintings were powerful enough to stand-alone without the need for the information to be displayed next to them. Also I believe that the techniques and the hidden details in each of the animals lends to the message Krasnaya wanted to portray with the work, and therefore, for me the obvious statements ruin this. I would have suggested putting the information in a little booklet that you can choose to read as you go around the works, so that people like me who really want to get sucked into the artwork can focus on this without distractions pulling away from the bold and powerful animals.
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