Friday, 26 June 2015

Gallery Elena Shchukina – ‘Alex Gough’ Part 2

For part 1 with Kayla's thoughts please follow this link.

Gallery Elena Shchukina - 'Alex Gough' (8th May - 3rd July 2015)

The quality of the paintings in this show were astounding.  I love liquid and flowing paint and these paintings were fantastic.  The 'inky' formations felt in constant motion, leading your eye around the surface.  For me these scenes transformed into landscapes of murky storm weathered islands to bright cloud-like structures.  

The colours were so rich and vibrant, after reading up on Gough's work after leaving the gallery and discovering that he mixes his own paints to have control over the colour and viscosity over the medium I began to wonder how much influence his colour choices had on my interpretations of the works.

Had they been in neon's or completely contrasting colours, would the experience become lost? I feel that the vibrant colours, ranging into more muted tones work in a harmony with each other, causing you as a viewer to want to explore the canvas.  There seemed to be a relationship between all the works in the gallery due to this deliberate colour palette, making me excited to view the next work and imagine weather they all depict the same subject or are they seperate and devoid of any connection other than colour choice?  
Gough's work felt like a very inclusive experience, that the person next to you could have a completely different interpretation of the marks and shapes swirling across the surface, but that you both has the same experience of appreciating the paint and how Gough has manipulated it into these intense pieces.
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Colouring Challenge - Secret Garden Postcard - 2

Right, so still quite addicted to these little postcards, again I have gone with a flowery one to do - I will choose a different looking one next time.

After not being able to do the background on the last one, I decided it would be best to start with the background this time. As pink is still by far the best colour i have used pinks, reds, oranges and purples to make the contrast strong against the cooler background.

I am so, so happy with how this one has turned out :) ... deffo improved since the first one that I done.

Hoping to see one from Emma soon... *hint hint*

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Gallery Elena Shchukina– ‘Alex Gough’

Gallery Elena Shchukina– ‘Alex Gough’ (8th May – 3rd July 2015)

Alex Gough’s paintings fascinated me from the moment I saw the first one all the way through to the last one. The texture within the manipulation of this vast material explodes in front of your eyes. As you start to glance across one of Gough’s works you are constantly finding more and more aspects that suddenly jump out of paint making you question what you are looking at. I enjoyed the mystery in the work and not having a preconception of what Gough was trying to portray, or intending for you to see, this openness to the work was reflected in the work by the spaces between all of the intimate details that pull you into the work.

By Alex Gough

With each of Gough’s work in the exhibition I could not help but escape the idea of nature, this is due to the forms and marks with in the work, which when combined as a whole create an overall organic appearance. This organic appearance almost looks as though it just wants to grow and expand further afield, brining a sense of endless opportunity. I feel as though the work could have been of a larger scale or alternatively would have been interesting to see them not confined in a rectangular shape. This would have allowed for the edges of the marks to determine the shape (I wonder if I only want this because of the way I have interpreted them as being organic and natural).

I understand that abstract works are open to interpretations that can vastly differ between the viewers, and can lead themselves to exciting discussions where they are endlessly questioned and transforming between people. With this in mind it would be interesting to find out what other people see in Gough’s works and also to hear how they would change the work to emphasize this others or to make it more interesting to them.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sketchbook Challenge - Spring Flowers

Right so before I show you the latest from my sketchbook I just realised I never posted the finished pages of the cats  - 

So when I saw Emma's challenge of 5 spring flowers I thought YES - EASY... how wrong was I.  When I actually thought about how many 'spring' flowers I new I could only think of daffodil and tulip. So I had to hit the research. I ended up with a short list of 12 flowers.

I drew them all out quickly in pen looking at different images on the web to get the basic shapes. I then drew four in more detail before hitting the sketchbook.

I haven't used paints in forever and thought 'why not?' So rather than putting them all in a scene like I wanted to - I ended up playing around with the paints and getting the tone into the paints as well.

There you have it - go on Emma do your worst for the next challenge!

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Monday, 8 June 2015

Erarta Gallery London – ‘Katya Krasnaya – Exposed’

Erarta Gallery London – ‘Katya Krasnaya – Exposed’ (10th April – 23rd May 2015)

‘Exposed’ was a very different and thought-provoking exhibition compared to the other exhibitions out there. There was clearly an emphasis on the message behind the animals in the paintings as opposed to the art. Next to each piece there was a couple of paragraphs with further information on, giving more of an insight to the animals pictured. I found this was a distraction from the art and took your focus off of the colours and the little details within the main body of the creatures. 

By Katya Krasnaya  
The rough and messy street art appearance of the animals was evident in each of the works and it almost made me feel as though the animals just wanted to come alive and escape out of the walls. The drips running down the paintings added to this need for freedom and a sense of the wild. Yet the drips also add a strange spin making you question whether these animals are just melting away (relating back to the underlying message of potential extinction).

I really feel that the paintings were powerful enough to stand-alone without the need for the information to be displayed next to them. Also I believe that the techniques and the hidden details in each of the animals lends to the message Krasnaya wanted to portray with the work, and therefore, for me the obvious statements ruin this. I would have suggested putting the information in a little booklet that you can choose to read as you go around the works, so that people like me who really want to get sucked into the artwork can focus on this without distractions pulling away from the bold and powerful animals.
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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sketchbook Challenge - 5 Rabbits

Remember our sketchbook challenge? Me too, a bit of a distant memory as both Kayla and myself started it and then instantly lost momentum.  However with the start of a new blog feature: Our new Colouring Challenge, I felt a sudden surge of guilt for leaving my sketchbook for so long.  

So cast your mind back to when we started this sketchbook challenge, here's a link to Kayla's post, and mine to refresh yourself. 

Kayla challenged me to draw 5 rabbits in time for Easter.  Obviously I failed in that respect but in the interest of getting past this inspiration block I have drawn 5 very quick rabbits to get us moving again!
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Friday, 5 June 2015

Colouring Challenge - Secret Garden Postcard - 1

So on our last trip to London Emma and I on our traditional Cass Art visit found this gorgeous book of postcards to colour. These are based on the secret garden colouring book (which I do have ... but still haven't been brave enough to tackle - I must stop being so precious about these things). We both decided to buy a copy and start up a new colouring challenge section.

As part of this challenge we can select which postcard we do each time, I see it more as motivating each other to do something more creative in the day - plus it is proven to be relaxing and used as a calming and therapeutic tool by other people.

So this is the post card I decided to start with - mainly because of the flowers and they make me happy. 

I used a variety of pens on this page as I have limited colours in each brand so I like to mix and match to get the colours I wanted for each of the flowers/ leaves. (Please excuse my dogs part of the bed - and her toys, she spreads out just as much as I do!)

This is the only other in progress shot I have for this postcard as I got so into it I forgot to take any more before I finished.

I decided to leave the background on this one - as I had not thought about this before I started and now when I look at it I am very happy with it as it is. 

So come on Emma - It is now your turn to post a postcard :)

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