Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Timothy Taylor Gallery – ‘Fiona Rae’

Timothy Taylor Gallery – ‘Fiona Rae’ (22nd April – 30th May 2015)

Timothy Taylor Gallery in London is currently showing an array of paintings and drawings by Fiona Rae. The paintings and the drawings in separate areas of the gallery by keeping them apart it allowed you to take in the pure spectacular nature of the painting’s flowing, organic forms and marks. The contrast between the paintings and the drawings emphasized the intricate and controlled aspects to the smaller and more intimate charcoal drawings.

Figure 1A by Fiona Rae.

I am normally drawn in to the smaller and more detailed aspects of drawing, being drawn in by the urge to get closer to the work, having your eyes continuously discover more and more lines and forms. The use of charcoal connects to Rae’s idea of erasure and eliminating the lines and forms created on the page through the use of techniques such as smudging and layering. The tonal and monochrome dimension of the pieces highlights the idea of a ghostly presence within the marks, making you wonder and about the possibility of the forms that were previously created and erased from the work. I feel this makes the fuzzy and blurred areas of the drawings even bolder than the strong marks that still lay on top. The abstract nature to the drawings as well as the paintings inspires your mind to create and interpret the works in any way you want.

However the larger and more organic paintings in my opinion stole the show and the attention of the viewers. The free flowing forms glided your eyes around the work not leaving a single part of the work un-viewed and allowed you to get swept away and lost in the explosions of marks. I have always been a fan of monochrome work and in this case it enabled the focus to remain solely on the intense use of marks without the distraction of colour overpowering your eyes. The natural and organic use of form made me interpret the marks in this way, seeing tings such as; insects, flowers, the sky, birds and much more. Being able to interpret works in such different ways also allowed for Emma and I to have discussions on what we saw in the work, I think this made the show even more enjoyable as it sparked a lot of thoughts and ideas.

I would really recommend this Exhibition from not only the work displayed but from the curation/ appearance of the gallery and the overall vibe you can experience when walking around. I would also suggest you go with someone else so that you can bounce ideas and interpretations between each other to really demonstrate the vast potential of the work.

- Kayla

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