Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sketchbook Challenge - 5 Cats challenge

So in our London trip last week me and Emma did our usual trip to Cass Arts to stock up on goodies (that I usually buy for the sack of it - as I have way too many art supplies)... However this time we stumbled across a book '20 ways to draw a cat and 44 other awesome animals' by Julia Kuo.

This has sparked one of the few things bound to get me and Emma to get back into our sketchbooks... a challenge (cause who doesn't like friendly competition ;) ).

So each time one of us completes their part of the challenge they will get to set the other's next part to the challenge - by the looks of it I have beaten Emma this week so here it goes -

So the first challenge was for 5 cats - I think I was a little adventurous in my thoughts and tried to do my 5 cats in a scene together spread over two pages. (the photo is terrible due to the bad lighting)

I do plan to go over this in pen and add a lot more details and maybe even colour (as I got some new pens from Cass Arts too). To give you an idea of the image I have in my mind the top three cats on top of the fence will be silhouetted out and the lower half of the pages will have more detail and colour. I will keep working on this until it's finished - along with whatever Emma challenges me to next.

So Emma after your 5 cats - I challenge you to '5 Rabbits' (just in time for Easter) :D Bring it on!

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