Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sketchbook Challenge - 5 Cats challenge

So in our London trip last week me and Emma did our usual trip to Cass Arts to stock up on goodies (that I usually buy for the sack of it - as I have way too many art supplies)... However this time we stumbled across a book '20 ways to draw a cat and 44 other awesome animals' by Julia Kuo.

This has sparked one of the few things bound to get me and Emma to get back into our sketchbooks... a challenge (cause who doesn't like friendly competition ;) ).

So each time one of us completes their part of the challenge they will get to set the other's next part to the challenge - by the looks of it I have beaten Emma this week so here it goes -

Friday, 27 March 2015

The Drawing Room - 'Drawing Biennial'

Getting back in the swing of things.  Kayla and myself went to London last week for a long overdue visit.  We went to three different galleries soaking up as much inspiration as we could, had a fantastic lunch but most importantly kick-started our passion for this blog once again.  We decided to start off with some review-style posts of the exhibitions we visited, but we also have a very unique (and competitive) way to get ourselves back on track.  So on with part one of my thoughts on The Drawing Room...

Each selected artist has been invited to make an original drawing for the exhibition/auction on an A4 piece of paper, using any medium the artist wishes. All the works are up for auction between the 16-30 April and the exhibition runs until 30th April.  

The method of hanging the works in two rows along each wall gives each piece no more or less weight than the neighboring pieces; each artwork has equal footing within the gallery.  The viewer can allow themselves to be drawn to works of interest to them or walk the perimeter of the gallery, taking in each work one at a time. 
From the wide range of artworks at the gallery I have selected some of my favourites to share here and I know Kayla has done the same.  We plan on spreading these out over a couple of posts for each gallery that we visited last Tuesday.