Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Flashback - Emma's first year at University.

 Looking Back.  My first year at university (Part one)

So as a new blog feature for this year that I thought would be easy to stay on top of, and that Kayla can easily join hint hint nudge nudge. Is to re-visit some of my old university work.  I was hoping that by re-sharing it and looking back at what I was doing and thinking when making art at uni it would inspire my sketchbooks and creativity now. I wanted to be somewhat organized or methodical about how I looked back over my time at university so I’ve decided to start right back with my first year there.  (Keeping that timeline nice and easy to understand) Basically I’m going to dig around my old sketchbooks and journals from that time and see what photos I can root out of my studio space and final pieces. Hope you enjoy looking at my old work, and let’s see if it does have any impact on my sketchbook posts too!

The drawing classes are something I really miss now.  Even though at the time it seemed very strange to make glasses to hinder your sight to change your drawing style.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015!

Ah yes the first cliche post for InkSplatterDraw is here.  But it's 2015 now so we have big plans for this little blog this year. (The main one being for us to keep up our blogging momentum for the whole year! Come on Kayla!!)

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was filled with delicious food (aka perfect).  So while in a Christmas food induces stupor I came up with a couple of goals I wanted to have this year, and not surprisingly a lot of them were for this blog. 

I ate all this! ... Okay I didn't but I would have damn well tried