Monday, 27 October 2014

Out with the Old

I have some cute inky mark-making trial and error type 'drawings' today and of course some little castles.  But mostly I have a new game plan.

Kayla is planning some pretty amazing drawings for November (and pretty ambitious too) check her last post for more details on that.

This has made me think about how I've been battling with sketchbook ideas for the last few weeks.  I feel like I want to work on each page a little longer but I seem to be in this rut of wanting to produce lots of great pages and my book is becoming a mess.

So I'm leaving this sketchbook on the shelf for a while, instead I'm starting a new sketchbook with the aim of creating one new drawing for each blog post.  This sounds really easy (and kinda like a downgrade) well I want each of these pages to be a little more thought out, less blog posts of 'I doodled this on the phone' and more 'I've worked on this for three days and it's still not finished' type gig.

I'm hoping that this focus and attention will result in a more planned and fluid sketchbook as this current one is feeling so disjointed and chaotic I can't get on with it.  Plus I feel working like this may cause me to get a little more creative and spend some more time playing with materials.  

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