Monday, 13 October 2014

Changes to my Sketchbook

So if you follow me on twitter you already know the struggles I've had getting this post written and uploaded!  But along the way I decided I wanted to spice up my sketchbook a little - I wanted to fill up each page a little more. 

So I've been busy drawing over some pages you've already seen in the last few weeks.  So there isn't too many pics today, but I'm also planning out some more blog posts alongside these sketchbook entries so hopefully that makes up for these posts becoming a little shorter.

I ended up drawing some 'Kayla style' doodles this week as I spent a long time on the phone on hold and ended up drawing these in my book, so thanks for the inspiration Kayla!

Let me know what you guys use as inspiration for drawing and sketchbook pages by tweeting me @EmmaLillywhite Or leave a comment below.

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