Sunday, 7 September 2014

Paper over sketchbook

Back to the paper for me - partly because I have misplaced my sketchbook and partly because I am struggling with the 'in a book' process. I am as usual trying to do too many ideas at once one being that I am attempting to design some papercut ideas this one below being the first (I know I need to do the writing backwards - I am just playing with the writing at the moment).

I just need to remember to keep everything connected and consider what is going to be positive and what is going to be negative when I eventually get as far as cutting it. Thinking of adding various fairies, mushrooms, butterflies and flowers to make it look more interesting, any suggestions of what drawings to add would be much appreciated. 

These next two were me playing with the idea of framing drawings - I got this idea partly from the paper cut ideas as I think that frames can make the edge more interesting and has the opportunity to complete the work and extend the idea further. I am also trying to get away from the traditional rectangle - box like frame by looking into circles and ovals.

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