Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sketchbook and... Origami?

So the last two weeks have been pretty eventful for me as my not-so-smart-smart phone decided to break, so while he's been hanging out with the tech-genius's at O2 I've been lumbered with a loan phone aka fossil phone.  

Needless to say this sucked as I spend way to much time on my phone reading blogs, searching through tumblr and checking facebook that when it was taken away I was lost.  Now I can see any naive readers thinking that this somehow means I've done loads of sketchbook pages.... Sorry but not the case! Because I have also been drawing the worst luck at work with the rotas!

Sorry guys I hope to get myself back into a routine soon! I've bumped up my tragic sketchbook non-achievements with some origami this week.

Ostrich... kinda?

Happy little bug!
If you like my origami I post them a lot more on my instagram, especially from now on, as after getting my phone back I'm planning to be much better at this social networking malarkey.

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