Monday, 14 July 2014

Too little too late...

So I know this is a day late ... so you're probably expecting more than what you are actually going to see. I apologise in advance - bad Kayla.

So to start off this extremely long post (not) here is the next page of my quote/ word sketchbook - unsure of what colour to fill this in with thinking yellow may be too cliche?

The doodle sketchbook is also still alive - well you could say its on life support at the moment as I'm having serious creative blocks (hopefully this condition isn't terminal :S)

This is the start of one of the pages -

So this concludes my efforts and attempts this last week or two - pathetic I know - on better note I'm 1 follower off of my 200 target on Tumblr which is becoming more frustrating than when I was 1 off 100 on Facebook haha :P

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