Monday, 21 July 2014

Fresh Start; Starting a 'New' sketchbook

As I'm sure you gathered from my last post, I finished my sketchbook... Finally!  By the end I started to loose motivation with that book as I felt it was a bit all over the place. So this last week I've been searching for inspiration of what to do in a new sketchbook. 

I had been putting of drawing anything in this new book until I had a plan for it, or at least a theme to tie it all together in the hopes that it would give me motivation right to the last page this time.  Then Kayla posted her new sketchbook and an idea hit me! (She mentioned hating leaving sketchbooks unfinished)

Forget my new sketchbook I brought, that can wait! What if I went back and finished a sketchbook.  Genius! I know!

So I dug around my boxes of sketchbooks and found one from my last year at university that for whatever reason was never finished.  Now I've decided that I'm also going to add to some the drawings already in there to.  
Although if this was the 5th sketchbook that year it explains why it wasn't finished.

I'm hoping using this old university sketchbook will remind me of all the ideas I had going round in my head then too and create some interesting drawings over some existing ones.

So sorry for posting late again, but hopefully now I have this plan the next few posts from this sketchbook may have more drawings in them, especially as working like this means there is none of that pressure of a perfect book with clean white pages that seem really daunting.

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