Thursday, 10 July 2014

Finishing a Sketchbook; and late updates...

Let's start this post with an apology... Yes it's nearly a week overdue, and yes I apologize. As I'm sure you can guess by the title I finished a sketchbook this week, and then had some stupid internet technical difficulties.  Since then I admit it's been down to a mix of my lazyness and lack of time due to starting a new job.

Excuses, excuses. I know!

But here comes another one.....

In the interest of actually making this blog post (and fighting a loosing battle with camera's SD Cards etc. there are not that many photos in this post, so have some lovely pic's of the mess painting in my room as caused as an apology of sorts).
Promise I'll be better with the new sketchbook I am about to start.

Oh and more jellyfish for good measure.

If you're interested in the other posts from this sketchbook (before I lost patience with it) then follow this link, There will also be all the lovely posts from Kayla's sketchbooks too.

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