Monday, 28 July 2014

Abstract Manifestations and Doodles

So again my post is late *bad Kayla* I have been really struggling to do anything - my lunch breaks involve me sitting staring at the same half done page rarely even making a single mark.

So in two weeks here is how this page has progressed - 

Due to the lack of progress on the previous page - I thought that maybe starting a new page would help clear my drawing block ... I was wrong now I have two pages that I have completely frozen up on.

I have also been trying to get back in touch with my Uni practice - so I managed to create another new abstract manifestation... I don't want to say what I plan to do with these just yet as I'm not 100% sure how far I will actually get with it.

This one below needs a lot of work but just wanted to show how these start out - keep an eye out for my next post to see how far this one has grown in that time.

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