Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sketchbook Update; it's nearly finished!

After that incident where a sketchbook was destroyed damaged, I started to collage the pages that I managed to save into a new book and draw on the remaining pages. 

You guessed it! This worked out in my favor as now there's only a handful of pages left!!

I'm already making plans for a new sketchbook, using this blog as a way to pressure me into working on something each week has been great at getting me motivated, but I felt that this book was/is going all over the place.  So I'm planning some ideas to get me trying out new ideas and materials too.

 (After snapping a photo of this doodle I'm starting to wonder if I've been looking at Kayla's drawings too much)

 Another jellyfish!

A butterfly drawing I found this week.  It's part of my work on a painting for someone which I threw myself into the last few days and the canvas is beginning to come together.

I'll make a big blog post for it once it's finished until then, I am posting little sneak peek type photos to instagram (emmalillywhite) if you're interested.

So hopefully when you see this book in two weeks it will all be finished.  How do you guys like to start a new book? and any tips on challenging yourself with it?

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