Sunday, 15 June 2014

Goodbye old sketchbook *waves*

Right my last couple of weeks have been hard work - but no excuses for the lack of work I hold my hands up I have not done much at all *sad face* - except a tattoo design which has been occupying my attention.

Due to terrible motivation I have decided that you are about to see the final drawings for my current sketchbook as I started a new one today for a fresh start (by start I mean I located one in the mess that is my art piles). I will hopefully start drawing tomorrow *fingers crossed*

Hopefully where this one has come to a bit of a dead end and put a fair few of my other mini drawing projects to an end, the new one is for different things like a whole sketchbook of doodles maybe - using my new pens hehe.

So here's to the last of this sketchbook for a while - maybe one day I will come back and finish it - Emma knows how much I hate to leave a sketchbook unfinished so this says how much I need a new start to get the creative juices going...

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