Sunday, 8 June 2014

Dilema! (sketchbook troubles)

My sketchbook had a rough time this week...

Long story short, the pages got crushed by my water bottle in my bag.  You know how all books have those amazing covers you know to 'protect' the pages, yeah that's were my water bottle snuggled itself into an optimized place of destruction.

I'd like to say that I'm devastated, but honestly I'd had enough of the paper quality of this sketchbook about three days after starting it.  I am sad to loose some of the drawings in there (I managed to save quite a few though) my plan now is to use a half use a new sketchbook* and collage into it the pages I managed to save, and start fresh! 

Because of my collage frenzy I'm sorry if some of the drawings get repeated.  I've lost track now of what has already been posted and what hasn't but as far as I can work out these are all new drawings.

*Bonus because this sketchbook has elastic round it! So good luck against this opponent water bottle!

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