Sunday, 25 May 2014

Traveled Drawings

Due to a little side-project I've got going on I really slacked on my sketchbook drawings this week.  Ive got a bunch of drawings that I've been working on on the way to various places.

I often draw when traveling by train, and as I was on quite a few of those last Friday here's the photos of those sketchbook pages.

Many drawings done whilst traveling end up a little shakey, or unfinished but I quite like that quality in the doodles shown here.

I'm also loving this guys ears!

In case you're wondering, my side-project will be getting it's own blog post very soon!  But I'm also working with Kayla on our first installments for 'Our Humble Opinion' which is our new blog feature, for more information on that check out our tumblr or the about page

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