Sunday, 13 April 2014

Flower-Filled Sketchbook

Having nice weather recently has caused me to want to draw almost nothing but flowers.  Unfortunately due to some crazy overtime I took on I haven't had much chance to get any real time to draw. 

One drawing I am really excited about is this one,

I'm still working on it, but I find something really calming about just focusing on shadow and light. 

To get ready for painting a canvas soon I've been getting all my acrylic paints out (last time I used them would have been at university!) and I couldn't resist using them too.  Apparently I'm easily distracted.

With my sudden urge to draw flowers I used some paint with a really dry brush to apply over the drawing of a couple of tulips.  I left one in pencil which is the photo below.

A few more attempts at drawing pansy-type flowers.  I love them but the drawings never seem to look quite right.... Though in this case I'm going to blame the photo as I feel my camera has picked up the paper funny and flattened the drawing.

This week I decided to test using coloured pen to draw with.  I've had the black version of this pen for a while and I love it and recently spotted this red one.  The flow of the ink is really easy to work with and I'm really enjoying challenging myself to use various materials in my sketchbook. 

Do you feel a variety of materials makes a sketchbook more interesting? Or do you prefer to keep to one material and be consistant throughout a book? Let me know in the comments below.

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