Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Lack of drawings

This post will be considerably shorter than my other due to starting a new job. However at the end of my second week I am starting to get into more of a routine so hopefully I hold more hope for my next post!

So you may remember teddy from two weeks ago... he got himself a balloon!

Teddy is becoming like a comfort blanket specially in the panic/ stress/ excitement of learning a new job. So as expected he is all that I have been working on in the lack of time I have had to draw.


Teddy in Raincoat

Grandad Teddy
So that was my contribution for the last two weeks. Definitely plan to do a lot more for my next update! Going to start designing some more paper cut ideas like my cats from before. In the mean time if you have any ideas for more Teddy outfits please throw them my way!

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