Monday, 31 March 2014

Sketchbook Update, 'better late than never'

 First a huge apology for this not being uploaded yesterday.
Half way through writing this post I lost the internet.  I tried to use this blogger app thingy on my phone but I could not get that to do what I wanted.

Getting any sketchbook time in the last week has been tough, I recently took on a lot of overtime (regretting it now, but the pay check will be worth it) because of this I reckon about 80% of my drawings were done on lunch breaks.  I was hoping to have a whole tonne of work to show you guys, but maybe that will happen in my next installment. 

I've done a lot of drawings to test out some fine liner pens I had laying around.  Here's three sketches on different paper, as I don't like it when the line bleeds and goes all fuzzy on some paper types.

In other news, I've been super happy and a lot more motivated due to the nice nicer weather and I'm just waiting till I have a few days off work in a row to really buckle down and get back into painting (and ink dropping, messyness)

Still drawing jellyfish!

With nearly all my drawing happening at work, I had begun to experiment with the materials I could get my hands on by the end of the week.  I have a few jellyfish sketched on some left over till roll from where we replace them, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of these.  I also tested out drawing over highlighter pens (Picture below using the yellow highlighter to draw the basic shape of this daffodil, I then went to town with some pencil shading.  For future attempts at this technique, I need to start with a better shape/form in the pen, and some of the petals in that drawing are a little funky looking.

The sunny weather and mother's day, made it's way into my sketchbook too with a whole bunch of flower drawings.  Ha get my joke.... bunch of flowers... anyway...

Here's two of the mothers day cards I made with some very spring flower drawings.  I'm thinking about making some more of these, so let me know if you want them on the Etsy store.

Apologies again for being late with posting this.  Don't forget to still check out Kayla's sketchbook goodness when she posts later this week.

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