Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sketchbook Stuff

So here it is my turn to show off my week of sketchbook (folder of random pieces of paper). As Emma has been warned I have been struggling to work in a sketchbook since leaving uni so after finding a nice plastic box folder and destroying a pad of paper into sheets I have created a makeshift 'sketchbook'!

I shall start with my latest little doodle (yesterday's lunch time at work) saying 'hi' is Fred the Teddy

So the success of the first week of drawing is summed up with this ...

My cute mice, love these guys have planned out quite a few different designs to draw out and do in watercolour. Although putting off the colour stage (not my best area).

Then there was the pure stress of this one, which Emma will tell you caused me too much pain:

Still undecided what to do with his front leg, but hopefully I'll get there eventually.

'Ghost cat'

...more cat doodles of cats

These cats will hopefully be turned into papercuts (somewhere down the line) going to have to search through my selection of papers to decide on backgrounds.

...some more doodling done in lunch breaks abstract flowers? or maybe wind? or just pretty patterns?

back to Fred the teddy:

Then to finish off here are the ones that have made it onto nice paper to be turned onto watercolours:

So that is my selection from my scribbles hope you enjoyed...

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