Thursday, 6 March 2014

Birthday Card Frenzy

Recently I've really been wishing to get stuck into some sketchbook work and produce some pages to the same level I had been at university.  However I've since discovered this time of year is full of birthdays in our family/friends calenders.  As such I've been called upon to make a bucket load of birthday cards the last two weeks.

Messy work top, you'd never find Kayla in these conditions.

 Unfortunately I didn't manage to get photos of all the cards I made, but here's some of the photos I did manage to get.

Really loving adding colour to stamps with Promarkers

Two super cute & simple birthday balloon cards

Such a cute cupcake!

I've also been a busy bee (ish) with the canvas I'm working on! Yup I've drawn out an initial idea for the layout and I'm in the process of deciding colours at the moment.

Annoyingly because I've drawn it out in a blue pencil (I hate normal grey pencil on canvas as I find it smudges everywhere) my camera seems to have washed it out and in the majority of photos I took the pencil didn't show up.  Thankfully here's a close up shot which captured some of the butterflies. 

VERY Rough Sketch!

Have you made any birthday cards recently, or getting a head start on making your Mothers Day ones??

Share/link us to your work or designs in the comments below.

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