Thursday, 6 February 2014

Butterfly Canvas Prep. Work.

With all my energy going into major craft mode and focusing so much (too much?) on making valentine cards and getting my social media sites up and running I've kinda been all over the place and let my blogging slide.  Sorry about that!  But that Stops NOW!

A friend recently sent me a photo of some wall art she's fallen in love with and given me a colour scheme (I'll let you figure that out from the photos in this post) and a canvas.... 
Free reign = Scary/Exciting

The Wall Art of Dreams....

Now don't get me confused with some super neat and perfectly organized getting everything done in the right order and no mess/muck ups.  I take my goddamn time with painting at the best of times... ask my mum who waited about a month and a half for two canvases... But butterflies are throwing a spanner in the works, they NEED to be symmetrical, and Yes I'm a perfectionist so this could get painful.

Usually with work that people have asked me to do I search around on the internet, make some colour samples to show them and go to town, this will be no different other than it will involve a tonne of butterfly prep sketches which can then me made into stencil(ish) things to plan out and paint.

*I have a feeling butterflies may feature frequently in the foreseeable future so sorry not sorry.

I joined Pinterest when I was at university for the purpose of collecting images for my projects there, so it was natural to keep some of those boards. I've since digressed into having around a dozen boards for everything under the sun.  I keep one art project inspiration board going, it basically matches to what project I was working on so changes abruptly and has little to no cohesiveness.   

Here's a few of my sketches so far and a bunch of the images I collected on pinterest. 
*I've included the sources for the pinterest images under those images,

Could not find a source for this one, sorry.

So for the sake of my sanity throughout the process I keep a 'timetable', essentially a list of the work in the order it needs doing; I plan to include bits and pieces of this work as it progresses on the blog and I'll feature an update of the finished canvas will all the prep work (hopefully in 2 to 3 weeks).  I've put my checklist below, and as I complete/post these I'll put a strike through and a link to it. :)

Emma's Super Organized Checklist:
  • Draw out butterfly designs
  • Colour Tests
  • 'Stencils' & 'Map Out' Canvas
  • Draw out final design
  • Finalize colours

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