Thursday, 13 February 2014

Balloons, Birthday Cards and Resolutions

Been busy this week with last minute valentine planning for next week and *cough* last minute gifts *cough*  so this is just a quick update.

My brother asked for a birthday card to give to his friend this week which set me into a panic about how the hell do I make a card for a boy... and the despair that came from not being able to use my new flower punches was too much to handle.  Until I found my balloon punch that is.

Yup I punched more balloons than I will probable ever need.

But I found the perfect 'Happy Birthday' stamp and got to work.

Side Note; If there's demand for it I may have to figure out how to include customized cards on my etsy because this card would look so cute with peach balloons too.

I've just been told to add '18' to the balloons.... Not that my brother is at all demanding.

I've been a busy bee this week hence the lack of updates.  I'm planning to start a 'timetable' type thing from next week as I always aim to post updates and they get pushed back a day (I meant to post this yesterday but ended up forgetting and remembered halfway through my Pilates class)

So if my plan works, expect to see updates from me on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, hopefully.

Oh and a quick sneak peek at what else I've been working on:

Oh yes my plan of having one folder to contain all the cards I sell on Etsy is on its way to completion.  Basically I wanted a folder with pockets where I can store the cards I've made along with their information (price guide etc) and most importantly it needed to be cute! 

My issue being that all the plastic wallets I found where too wide for my dividers so using some brown paper and envelopes I've been getting creative.

When I finish this folder I'll make another post with more photos, I've been trying to get quick snaps while I'm working on it, so keep your eyes out for that.

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